Friday, July 10, 2009

What are hospitals Good For ???

I decided to go to the hospital today with 5 major symptoms...and 3 are noticeable without doubt. I left the hospital ticked off and refused to sign the paperwork at discharge. I was bleeding, like I have for a week now...can't be ignored, and the doctor tells me that I'm "just fine" and that "it is just in my head". WHAT??? I am bleeding! I am not bleeding from my imagination! She continued to say that all the tests came back negative, and no sign of anything.

Well, I may not have a Doctorate Degree, but I know that if someone is bleeding there IS A REASON. After arguing this with her, she gave me two prescriptions. Well, if I am ok, then why do I need medicine. Who in their right mind would take medicine if they were OK? Then, I would be stupid to take medicine for something that the doctor is ignoring. Hospitals just want to push medicine on you like it is a bandaid without figuring out what is causing it. I wasted my time, energy, and money I don't have to leave with the same knowledge I went with.

I have officially lost confidence in hospitals. They said that hospitals are just for emergencies. I think that if I am getting so dizzy that I am falling down, I've been bleeding for a week, chest pains, difficulty breathing off and on, and swollen eyes IS kinda an emergency! Do I have to have this happen to me while driving and hurt someone before it becomes one...then it would probably just be for the other person! Do doctors understand what preventative care means?

I got upset with the doctor and nurse and refused to sign my paperwork, and was giving them a piece of my mind, then they had the nerve to ask me if I ever felt I was a danger to myself or others. What the hell kind of question is that !?! Just because I call them out on not doing anything they want to mark me off as "crazy"? I then yelled at them for trying to put this back on me...and that I wanted them to do more tests. Then they told me I was discharged, and would have to register back in again. WHAT? I just left...they will not get a dime from me for anything. AGGGHHH.


  1. I did a search to see what the stats were for this hospital...check it out.

  2. HaHa, today, when I posted a new post and went to see it on my page, there was a google ad for the hospital I was complaining about on this